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First Cousins:
Cajun and Creole Music in South Louisiana

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Cajuns and Creoles have shared tunes, swapped instruments, and danced in each other’s arms for generations. Although South Louisiana’s French-speaking, multiethnic Cajun and Creole people and their musical heritage may be a little too distant for siblings, they are certainly related enough to be considered first cousins. This presentation includes a screening of the powerful 55-minute documentary film First Cousins that explores this region’s rich musical heritage through the eyes and music of the musicians themselves.

“A must-see for fans of South Louisiana music.”
– Zachary Richard, singer-songwriter, poet
“Passionate and insightful, this powerful documentary inspires viewers to explore their own heritage and identity. Anyone with even an ounce of soul in their body can’t help but be moved by the songs and the stories featured in First Cousins!”
–Dirk Rohrbach, National Geographic author, photographer, and award-winning multimedia producer
“People all around the world ask me what the difference is between white Cajun and black Creole people and what makes Zydeco and Cajun music distinct. I can now hand them First Cousins and tell them, ‘Here’s your answer!’”
–Chubby Carrier, Grammy award-winning Zydeco artist